This information is provided by Christ Lutheran Church to help you plan your wedding. We pray for God’s blessing as you prepare for your wedding day. It is a joy for our staff to assist you in planning for your wedding. You have made a wise choice in asking God to bless your marriage .

Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church is a community of believers, a diverse group of people who share a common love for new life in Jesus Christ. We gather regularly for worship, an opportunity to remember and praise God our Creator. We “reach up” to God, responding to God’s call for relationship. We take opportunities to learn and grow, as individuals and as a community. Through small groups, classes, prayer, Bible studies and other programs, we explore what it means to live and serve as Christians in God’s world. We “reach out” with the love of God through service to others. Through our volunteer ministries, our offerings, and the sharing of our talents, we respond to the needs of our world, as Jesus taught us. We are about “growth”. Jesus directed his disciples to go into the world and invite others to become believers in God. We invite you to consider how much Jesus loves you and wants an everlasting relationship with you.

If you are currently not an active member of this congregation, and want to have your wedding here, to check reserve the date and space on the calendar, just call the church office at 301-652-5160 and speak with Bobby Larsen, the Office Administrator or

You will also need to speak with Pastor Kendall, or

Congratulations! We look forward to working with you on your wedding!


Meeting With the Pastor:

You will need to meet with the pastor in person. This is important for several reasons. First, it will give you an opportunity to get to know one another, and this will make for a much better wedding ceremony. Second, it will enable you to discuss issues that will play a central role in your marriage — common values, hopes and dreams, children, religious background and spiritual convictions. Third, it will enable you to talk about marriage in general and your wedding service in particular. Please call the minister at 301.652.5160 so you can meet together about three to six months before your wedding.

Wedding Fees:

Use Of Church:

The church should be scheduled as soon as you have selected your wedding date to insure availability. Because of the short supply of wedding reception space in our community, you will want to plan ahead.
The Worship Center (Sanctuary):
$400.00/1st 2 hours,
+$50/hr next 2 hours,
+$75/hr next 3 hours
Hospitality Room (80 guests)
$150.00 1st 2 hours
+$25/hr for additional hours
A $50.00 deposit is required for each of the following: the Worship Center, the Fellowship Hall, and the Hospitality Room. Payment should be made by check to reserve the space. The deposit will be credited toward the cost of the space. Refunds will be made up to thirty days prior to the wedding date.

Candles, Candlebras:

If you wish to use our candelabra, please talk to our Office Manager. Our candelabras use liquid candles. The rental fee is $40 for the pair. If other candles are used in our sanctuary, they must be dripless candles.

Other Fees:

These fees are to be paid separately by check to each of the individuals providing their respective services. Be sure to get names ahead of time and have checks ready by the wedding or funeral day.
Cleaning of Worship Center
$ 75.00
Cleaning of Fellowship Hall
$ 60.00
Organist (Optional)
Soloist (Optional)
$150.00+ (Depending on # of solos)
Officiating Minister
Bulletin Production (Optional)
$ 50.00



When ordering invitations, the suggested form for the name and address of the church is:
Christ Lutheran Church
8011 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20814


Pictures are important to families as years pass and memories are recalled. Pictures may be taken before and after in the Bride’s Room, the Groom’s Room, in the halls and in the sanctuary. During the ceremony, pictures may be taken in the sanctuary as long as they are in good taste. Flash pictures during the ceremony are strongly discouraged and please, no pictures from the altar during the ceremony.


Arrangements for floral decorations should be made with the florist of your choice, except at Easter and Christmastime when arrangements may be made with the Worship Coordinator to use the church decorations. In this case, the bride’s family makes a contribution to the fund which provides the flowers.
Most local florists will be able to suggest various decorations for your consideration. If your florist is not familiar with our church, he/she should be told that it is not permissible to put tape, nails or tacks into the woodwork and that hurricane lamps are not permitted on the pews.

Rice, Birdseed, Confetti, etc:

We rejoice with you! But we must ask that you cooperate by not scattering rice, confetti, birdseed, tissue flowers or other objects either inside or outside the church building. Please advise your family, wedding party and guests of this requirement. Should the throwing of any of these items occur, an additional fee for cleanup will be charged. First and foremost, your church is a place of worship. We ask your cooperation in helping to keep your church holy. Please do not bring alcoholic beverages onto the premises (church or church grounds) and observe the “No Smoking” signs throughout the church building.

The Sanctuary:

You may want to know that there are 22 pews on each side of the aisle in the sanctuary, and the church aisle is 150 feet long. The pews, altar table and pulpit may not be moved for any reason. If you plan for a flower girl to throw petals, you must secure an aisle cloth from your florist. Sweet-smelling petals stain the carpet


If the wedding party consists of no more than four adults, a rehearsal may not be necessary. However, if more than four persons are involved, and especially if children are included, a rehearsal is wise. Forty-five minutes is ample time for the rehearsal, and all persons involved are urged to be prompt.

Organist / Pianist:

If organ music is used in your ceremony, it must be provided by our organist. You may provide your own vocalist, guitarist, or other instrumentalist. Since a wedding is a religious service, the music, whether instrumental or vocal, should have a religious significance. If a secular or contemporary melody is used, be sure that the lyrics are in keeping with the meaning of a Christian marriage.
Our organist is also an excellent pianist and is familiar with a wide selection of music. You may wish to leave the choice of music to her. Usually, prelude music is played as guests are seated; the processional and recessional are played for the bridal party.

Policy for use of the Grand Piano or Organ:

Because of the high quality of these instruments and the expense involved in their maintenance, we must limit its use by nonmembers of the church to professional musicians. We also ask that those using the piano abide by the following:
– No drinks or food are allowed in or near the choir loft.
– No items (other than music) should be placed on the piano, including food, drink, candles and plants, as they scratch, stain, or burn the wood finish.
Should you choose to provide your own pianist, a $50 damage deposit is required. This damage deposit will be returned in full after an inspection by the Minister of Music and your pianist. In the event any damage has been found, it will be noted and discussed with the pianist at that time. Your help in preserving this fine instrument will enable us to provide many others in the future with high-quality music. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Wedding Service

The state of Maryland requires that a license for marriage be obtained and the couple fulfill the legal formality of pronouncement. A license may be obtained in any county of the state of Maryland and is good for 30 days following the date of issue. At our church, we offer a Christian service in which the wedding vows are made in a context of worship, prayer and thanksgiving. A typical wedding service includes:
Words from the minister about the meaning and joy of marriage
The Wedding Charge
Scripture Readings or other readings
A Song if desired
The Exchange of Wedding Vows
The Exchange of Rings
The Lighting of the Wedding Candle
Song if desired
Prayer of Dedication and Benediction
Pronouncement of Marriage
This is a basic outline of a wedding ceremony, and each couple is invited to work with the pastor and the office manager to personalize their service.

Wedding Vows & Service Resources:

You will want to consult with the Pastor as you make selections for your wedding service. In the event that you cannot make a choice from the selection provided here, the Pastor will be able to offer more options when you meet. A selection of different vows and other wedding service resources are available for you to consider for your wedding.