Prayer is a time to be still with the Lord, for Him to speak to you, for you to just listen. To grow in relationship with God, we are to listen to Him, be still to hear Him. 

Prayer has been practiced in all religions throughout history.  Prayer may involve confessions-forgiveness, petitions or requests, thanks, praise, reconciliation, or promises of future acts of devotion.  

Prayer changes things within us and for others.  Prayer is about developing a relationship with God, not just “believing in God”.  God is consistent with us. Could we learn to be consistent with God?   Are you ready to try for yourself, and for what God can do for others through you?


If you have a private prayer request or a public one that
you’d like to get on the printed Prayer List, give us a call at 301-652-5160 and speak with Bobby Larsen or the pastor. 
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