A mission/purpose statement does two primary things for the local church:

1. For those disciples in the church, it helps them plan for the future with a specific focus in
mind. With a clear sense of mission/purpose, churches can stay out of ruts, avoid stagnation, and grow in vitality and effectiveness. It keeps people in the faith community considering the question, “Why are we here?” and not just going through the motions. It helps unify the church around a common mission.

2. For those observing the church, a mission statement helps to answer these important
questions: “In light of God’s purpose for me, is this the church God is calling me to commit myself to and become a member? Is this a church where I can grow spiritually? Is the church welcoming people who are new believers? Would I like to become a member of this faith community?

We hope the mission statement of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church will fulfill both of these functions. Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church exists to help people live life as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We welcome people into a dynamic Christian community where they can connect with God, with one another, and with opportunities to make a difference in our changing world.

We realize that God uses different kinds of churches to reach and serve different kinds of people, and so we focus our energies to fulfill this mission and purpose to which we feel God has called us. Each phrase in our mission, vision, and purpose statement bears some further consideration.


The mission of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and
transform all people into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Christ Lutheran Church exists to:

  • Welcome people to faith;
  • Equip people with a faith that works in real life; and
  • Send us in service into a hostile and hurting world in Jesus’ name.

Christ Church is a Great Commission community of faith! It is our desire that you find and experience the amazing grace and love of Jesus. The Great Commission of Matthew 28:19, is the primary work of this church. The invitation from Christ is to each and everyone in the community. Our mission is to invite people to be followers of Jesus. The Bible describes a follower of Jesus as a disciple. Discipleship is an intentional journey in God’s love. The marks of discipleship are like signposts along the way. The invitation is to come grow with us.

The marks of discipleship are:

    • Bible reading daily
    • Pray daily growing personal faith through
    • Worship weekly and daily
    • Giving with a commitment toward a tithe and
    • Build community and relationships through small groups
    • Serve at and beyond CELC
    • Grow spiritually


Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church is a dynamic hub of Christian thought, action, community, and creative arts, dedicated to embracing and transforming our postmodern world with the message and love of Jesus Christ. To achieve this mission and fulfill this vision, we have committed ourselves to four spirit led actions. Our four actions can be summarized as follows:

Connection: To connect increasing numbers of people to lasting, fulfilling, and fruitful involvement in Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Enrichment: To enrich people’s lives and help them grow into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, through
caring relationships, relevant ministries, and meaningful service.
Leadership: To ensure effective leadership for all facets of church life.
Impact: To pioneer proactive Christian engagement with the postmodern world, locally and globally.