Church Reimagined!

Our congregation began in the 1930s and for many decades occupied the church campus that stood at 8011 Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda. After a long journey with much uncertainty, CLC sold this property in 2021 and currently meets in community spaces in Bethesda. Our vision, our mission, is to maintain a robust Christian presence in Bethesda.
Christ Lutheran is currently worshiping in person on certain Sundays in rented space in downtown Bethesda. Instead of a traditional church building, we set up folding chairs for worship in bright, welcoming, non-traditional surroundings. We don’t print lengthy bulletins. We use Power Point and Google Drive; technology is our friend. Yet, we celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion most Sundays that we’re together. We confess our sins, pray and praise together as a community, and hear the Word. Though some of our methodology has evolved, the joy and eternal power of liturgy are still alive and well.
On other Sundays, we continue to offer a high-quality virtual service of music, worship, prayer, and messages that we adopted when the pandemic began in March 2020. Our website and regular e-news issues will have current schedules.
We believe that excellence in music can come from a variety of traditions and cultures. The musical variety and quality create a unique and evocative worship experience. For example, one might hear a spiritual next to a Brahms piece. Or one might hear a song from the radio … or even a piece written specifically for the church by our worship team, consisting of alumni of the renowned Howard University vocal group AfroBlue, and our Grammy-nominated music director. We value innovation and experimentation as tools of the Spirit. Our worship preparation process is an active one, which endeavors to provide a vehicle for intergenerational relationship building. We have identified music a major asset to our church, and a highly attractive and accessible gift and outreach tool to the community.
We also provide opportunities for fellowship and service through Bible study and adult education, service projects, commitment to pray and praise with each other, and other ways to build the beloved community through Christian love and support.