Mi Refugio 1

Mi Refugio

Mi Refugio is a Mission in Guatemala that our church got involved with many years ago, and continually supports year after year.  Mi Refugio, the Spanish name for “My Refuge” is a ministry started by Kari Engen from Rockville, MD in the 1980’s.   It was started as a mission to feed, clothe, and educate the poorest of the poor children of the Guatemala City garbage dump.

Kari lived in the dump with these families for the first year to build friendships and trust among the families there.  Then she started the first phase of the school on the outer perimeter of the dump.  A few years later, Kari was able to acquire some property in the mountains just oustide the city, near San Pedro, having been an old abandoned resort that had a good amount of land, but needed lots of work.  Kari’s father, Harry Engen started organizing teams from all over the United States and Canada to help fix up the property and construct new Mi Refugio 2buildings for the school, a well water system, and many other projects.  THe school has been expanded, and now provides dental and medical care to children in several remote areas of Guatemala in addition to the dump.

Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church has sent several teams down to Mi Refugio over the years, and supports the school through our Mission Endowment Fund.  We plan to send more teams in the future.  Financial donations are also always needed. 
If you are interested, and we will be happy to provide more information on how you can help out.